So here we go…

Why the fuck would I want to write a blog in English? Good question. Mainly because it was the standard choice and I was to lazy to find the “nederlands” button. Also because I firmly believe that it’s only a matter of time before this blog is flooded with international fans, commenting on all the randomnly spread words of wisdom that I’m planning to drop here.

To tell you the truth. I’m allready bored with this “english stuff”. I’m allready bored with this blog also. Damn….

Hey, did you notice the title from this blog is from a Big Black song? Well, Did you?

Good for you! Proves you’re a genius and you’ve got good taste in music. Not that I’m a huge Big Black fan. They’re allright though. And “Kerosene” is a brilliant song. And it was all I could come up with when I had to choose the name for this blog.

Well, there you go. The first blogpost of many to come in thereskerosenaround. Or not. What do I care?